Why "White Tone Records"?


 Hello! My name is Dmitry Ursul, I am the founder of the studio, sound producer of various music projects, as well as a session guitar player with many years of experience.


 I've started to study music when I was 7 years old and have made it my profession when I was 18. Over the years I've finished a variety of courses about music arrangement and sound design, mixing and mastering. I have worked with many artists as a sound producer, mixing and mastering engineer in Russia, Europe and USA. For example, Te100steronPierre EdelAl Walser, Jake Gosling and many others.


 I've took a lot of master classes from the best music producers, such as Fab DupontRoman StyxChris Lord Alge and continue to improve myself and learn something new every day. But the most important thing is that I really love my job and get 100% of it!

 Over the years of my music career I've got regular customers who consistently come to me with their new ideas and songs, and this is one of the best achievements for me! Also, I'm working on my own projects, so I listen to a lot of different music every day and I try to keep abreast of new trends in the world of sound.


sound producer, mixing and mastering engineer, guitar player

 The quality of the final result is very important for me, so I seriously approach every job and aim to make the song sound great and the client to be satisfied! I'm not chasing the speed of work, so I carefully work on all of the nuances of sound composition until the desired result is achieved!
 Many of my works are in rotation on various radio stations and TV over the world. In June of 2014 I have won the international competition of mixing engineers "Zelab Mixing Contest", conducted by the New York Record company EMW Music Group!
 Since August 2015 I am one of the teachers in the russian version of online training service "Logic Pro Help" where I create a lot of video courses about sound engineering in the Logic Pro X DAW and answer questions of subscribers! Read more on the website www.musichelp.ru
 In March 2016 I have formed NuDisco/Funk band called Neon Tapehead and work with this project as composer, guitar player and sound producer. More info about Neon Tapehead on the official page www.neontapehead.com
 In February 2018 I have become an Apple Certified Pro Logic Pro X 10.3 user.
 In May 2018 I have won another mixing contest by Puremix.net! Famous mixing engineer Darrell Thorp has chosen my version of the mix from 1155 different mixes! That was really cool! 
 At the "Music" page you can listen to some of my works in different genres and evaluate the quality!
I'm happy to answer all of your questions and I can't wait to work with you!
Don't forget to check the "Contacts" page! Cheers!
Mastering Sertificate 2011 Dmitry Ursul

2011 AudioMasterClass.ru mastering

Дмитрий Урсул LogicProHelp

2015 LogicProHelp coach

Apple Pro Certified Dmitry Ursul

2018 Apple Certified Pro

Logic Pro X 10.3